We looked at our numbers for the year and found some interesting trends that helped us forecast and plan our strategy for 2024. 

  • 44 clients [32 new clients and 12 recurring from 2022] 
  • 189 sales calls / an average of 16 calls completed each month. 
  • 23% call to client close rate 
  • 45% of calls booked via outbound email 
  • 17% of calls booked via outbound LinkedIn 
  • A total of 62% of calls were booked via cold outbound efforts. 
  • 10% of calls booked via inbound inquiry on LinkedIn or website
  • 15% of calls are booked via referrals and word of mouth 
  • 38% of closed business came via cold outbound 
  • 9% of closed business came via inbound inquiry 
  • 28% of closed business came via word of mouth and referrals 
  • 19% of the closed business came via old clients returning for more help 
  • 5% of closed business came via retargeting ads on Facebook and Instagram 

Based on these metrics we have isolated what to focus on and improve for the coming year. 

We plan to improve cold outbound and this includes using intent data and sharpening our knowledge of best practices of email and LinkedIn to enhance campaign results for ourselves and our clients. 

We will focus more attention on brand building and content to improve inbound inquiries via SEO, LinkedIn, and web search. 

We will expand our services to help our clients with their brand building, thought leadership, and content strategy to enhance both outbound and inbound results. 

We will continue to create delighted clients who refer business to us, and sign up again for longer periods or higher tier support. 

What do your numbers show you for 2023? 

What are your plans for 2024? 

2023: A Year In Review | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK