When it comes to business development, lead generation, and sales – many people are afraid.

It’s awkward to feel spammy or pitchy when reaching lots of people.

It’s hard to hear “No” when offers are made.

It’s confusing if someone says “Yes” and you don’t feel quite ready.

It’s easier to focus on what you do best and wish someone else would handle the outreach and sales.

However, securing regular conversations and sales leads is the lifeblood of any business.

Without it, very good businesses die.

Most consultants and service providers who are responsible for their own business pipeline have to face the difficult reality.

Sell or die.

I always tell B2B consultants and service providers – action beats fear.

Setting a daily target to reach 20 people is far better than once a month trying to send 400 messages.

Target the RIGHT people of course.

Tailor your message so it’s about THEM [not you] and offer genuine VALUE.

Follow up with MORE VALUE.

Manage your expectations and track ratios and KPIs to ensure you are on target.

If you send 100 messages per week, 20 per day.

Expect a 4% positive reply rate.

That’s 3 to 4 leads each week for every 100 cold messages.

Depending on your sales closing rate that’s one new client each week.

Want more? Increase your outreach.

Want less, simply decrease.

Accept NO in the course of life [And thank them for taking the time to reply]

Analysis paralysis will kill a good business.

Wanting someone else to bring in leads or waiting for referrals will limit cash flow considerably.

However, regular cold outreach [ACTION] will trump fear any day.

Action Beats Fear | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london UK