Do you have an email newsletter or CRM database of several thousand contacts gathered over the years? 

Or do you have a LinkedIn network of several thousand connections?

Do you have lists of data gathered from ads, book purchases, free trials, lead magnet downloads or event attendees? 

Do you have a Facebook network or an online community of several hundreds or even thousands of leads? 

If these contacts represent ideal businesses and ideal business decision makers, then you are literally sitting on a gold mine. 

Have you heard the expression: “Your network is your net worth?” 

The contacts represent immense value in terms of potential business – if only you know how to unlock that value. 

Reaching out to these decision makers and saying the right thing to them is critical. 

Not saying the wrong thing is even more critical. 

Offering them value, opening up the conversation, uncovering their challenges, needs and goals, is an art form. 

If you can just convert one conversation a week from your current network into a call, that’s one new client a month [assuming you close about 25% of your calls]. 

How about 1 call per day? You get the picture. 

If you are sitting on a huge list of leads and want help to know what to say [and what not to say] to them in order to open the conversation and generate new business proposals, 

…..then simply reply to this message and we can help you build your pipeline of more $10k to $100k clients.