You might think that B2B [business to business] sales is more complex than selling B2C [business to consumer].

For example you might think:

  • it’s easier to find individuals to buy from you than to find decision makers inside a business
  • it’s easier to convert an individual than a business because of the complex decision making process of a company
  • B2B sales requires a longer cycle required by budget schedules and other forces
  • companies like to use preferred suppliers so there is a lot of red tape to get past when working with companies
  • corporate decision makers are spammed by too many competing offers all the time and will not listen to me
  • companies only purchase via referrals and recommendations

If any of these points resonate then you are not alone!

Many people struggle with B2B sales and lead generation for exactly these reasons.

However, here are a few tips and pointer to help you navigate the B2B game:

#1. There is no B2B. There is only P2P – person to person.

You are always dealing with people and corporate decision makers are simply people whose challenges, desires and goals as a person are tied up with the company they represent.

Simply identify the pain points, goals and desires of the people you’re reaching out to and lead generation will become smooth.

#2. Talk in terms of company objectives and results and tie them to the decision makers objectives and desired results.

If you have a service that directly helps a company with their bottom line – their profit – you will be sought after.

As a result consultants who help with sales, business development, negotiation, strategy, pitching, presenting and leadership are always in high demand.

Ensure whatever you’re offering, whether it’s training, services, consulting or hardware and products, you are able to frame it in terms of business results.

#3. Sales cycles might be slower but once you win a client, you are likely to have repeat business for as long as you do a good job.

One contract can grow into multiple contracts meaning the life-time value of your clients yield high potential.

Invest time in building a relationship with a business and you’ll likely have a long term client that sticks with you through multiple budget cycles.

#4. Corporates do refer work to each other so once you get one client you are likely to get more if they are happy with your work.

It’s true that once you’re a preferred provider you’ll likely be referred on to other businesses.

Business decision makers will often go to their network first to find a valued supplier before considering cold pitches or google searches.

#5. Decision makers are identifiable and accessible on platforms like LinkedIn and their email data available on multiple lead finder databases.

Leverage all the data that LinkedIn shares about company decision makers to ensure your networking and lead generation is a consistent success.

Cold outreach works when you connect with a relevant offer of value that speaks to a felt need.

As a result, homework and care is required when doing cold outreach to companies but can yield larger, ongoing, recurring contracts as well as referrals to other businesses.

B2B Sales is not easy, but it’s SIMPLE and with a few of these elements in place you will be well positioned to land those big clients.

B2B - Is Selling To Corporates Hard?  | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency London UK