Tactile Learning

David Kelly and the team from Tactile Learning were able to win 3 new school contracts worth up to $90K 

The vocational education program in Australia, struggled to find the right person within local highschools to reach out to about their hospitality, mechanics and manufacturing education training. 

With our help in just 3 months they and have 3 more in discussion for the next 3-6 months.

Square One Digital

Sean Lee-Amies, the founder of Square One Digital, were able to bring in over $90k in new business

This holistic growth consultancy and funnel building agency were able to rebuild their new business pipleine after a partnership ended and over a year they built a significant pipleline of new deals.

The Customer Experience

David Graham, founder and sales trainer at The Customer Experience, discusses how he went from relying on associate work to generating his own high ticket 5 -figure contracts using LinkedIn.

This has positioned to turn them into even larger contracts. You can find out more about David Graham here www.thecustomerexperience.co.uk

Netscore Pro

Netscore used LinkedIn to close $2m of new business in 6 weeks

Tim and the team at Netscore Pro won 30+ high ticket clients in two months with the help of LinkedIn. Targeting a biz-op offer in the health and weight loss niche the team ran a combination of Facebook ads and LinkedIn organic across the USA, to collectively bring in $2m of business in under 2 months

Nawoc Consulting

Greg Won $140k in new business using LinkedIn and Cold Email

Greg Cowan is a Business Growth Consultant with Nawoc Advisors in Vancouver, Canada. After trying to grow his business via referral and in person networking, Greg was able to build the largest pipeline he has had and enough to keep him busy all year, all within just a few months

Threepwood Consulting

Threepwood Consulting tripled their network and generated inbound leads

The team at Threepwood Consulting, a boutique UK consultancy serving the energy sector, managed to triple their network and generate new business via inbound leads on LinkedIn.

Easy RND

Thorfinn Armstrong, head consultant at Easy RND, won 3 high ticket clients in 3 months and filled their pipeline

Thorfinn, a tax rebate and RND returns consultant in the UK, turbocharged his cold outreach using LinkedIn and cold email. He went from an empty pipeline and few leads and calls in the calendar to having a steady stream of leads and business opportunities