The global pandemic of 2019 – 2021 has caused a shift in fundamentals ways of working and being. For most of us working from home has caused a reconnection with our home environment and forced community with neighbours and people in our geographic locale. At the same time, online community has grown with work, training, events, and ceremonies shifting to the virtual space.

This transition has radically cut back hours of commuting for many and eliminated much international travel for work and conferences. While the economic toll on the arts, tourism, travel and hospitality industries is yet to be fully known, and the knock-on effect of redundancies and mass unemployment yet to be weighed, undoubtedly other opportunities have opened up.

Community Creativity Commerce

Never in history has it been easier to connect with likeminded people online around the world or start your own business from your laptop and lounge room office. Never has it been easier to find an online course of your choice and pursue anything from languages, coding, finance, creative writing, coaching or counselling, gaming, trading, design, e-commerce and the list goes on.

Arguably our society since the Industrial Revolution has been built around a move away from mass rural illiteracy and serfdom, towards nurturing societies of educated workers to fill salaried roles in factories, companies, churches and school. This transition however, created many of the problems of indentured servitude we have today – to student debts, salaries, mortgages, hours of long commutes, isolated living quarters of the nuclear and single person families, the sacrifice of creativity on the altar of the salaried career.

The opportunity our current society affords us over the next decades is to reverse much of these impoverishments and see a flourishing of community both local and global, a proliferation of commerce and prosperity that rises above the expectations of a salaried role until retirement and finally the rediscovery of time for creativity as well as global audiences to share with!

  • How are you tapping into the learning opportunities afforded to you in this digital era?
  • How are you tapping into new creative communities online and in your neighbourhood and rediscovering the time and inclination to express yourself and your creative side?
  • How are you taking advantage of the world of commercial bounty at your fingertips to start and grow a company from your living room today?

To your flourishing and your success!