When mastering any new skill or building a business, hard work and dedication are key.

Hours of focused work and implementation make the master. 10,000 hours or thereabouts according to Malcolm Gladwell.

There is an enemy to mastery and it is perfectionism.

Perfectionism is fancy form of fear. It causes procrastination, the antithesis of productivity.

Perfectionism is also frequently disguised as virtue. In the workplace a perfectionist is seen as someone diligent, meticulous and thorough.

In fact perfectionism becomes a reason to avoid failure; it’s a fear of not accepting ourselves as we are.

According to Angela Duckworth, grit, consistency, passion and resilience far outweigh perfectionism in the pursuit of mastery.

Turning up each day to work hard, implement, fail, correct, test, iterate and take imperfect action are the qualities required to be truly successful.

When building a business consider this equation: CONSISTENCY > PERFECTION!

Consistency  Perfection