Every business owner’s dream is to have calls booked in their calendar with leads who are fully qualified.

Business owners ask us if we can generate for them 10 calls a week with lead generation ready to buy now.

Ready for a product demo or sales calls on the first conversation.

Pre-sold, and hot to sign up.

Who wants to have conversations with leads who might not understand the offer?

Or have no money to spend?

The Marketing Rule of 7 [developed in the 1930s] states that a prospect needs to “hear” the advertiser’s message at least 7 times before they’ll take action to buy that product or service.

7 times!!

This means that cold outreach is simply top of the funnel

The prospect will need another 6 touch points before they are likely to buy.

Sure, some leads will buy more quickly

And other leads more slowly.

However, the difference between a sales-ready lead and others comes down to the content you share between the first touch point and the last.

ONE PIECE of quality content I recommend all business owners have is a good video or text sales letter.

A video or text sales letter contains the following ingredients:

  1. A strongly stated outcome with concrete business benefits for the right prospect
  2. Specific qualifying factors of the type of person or business that will gain these results. These factors go beyond the normal niche definitions of industry, size, revenue, and location but spell out in detail other limiting factors such as what the prospect is currently doing to solve the problem which means they are most likely to get guaranteed results with your program.
  3. An outline of your method in 3-5 steps, containing examples of how each step builds to the final guaranteed goal.
  4. A restatement of your guarantee to the right person or business and how long it will take them to get results with you.
  5. A call to action and how an interested prospect can get in touch with you.

If you would like help to create, not only a consistent outbound organic marketing lead generation system across LinkedIn and cold email,

But also to articulate your offer into quality content that moves prospects down the funnel to become sales-qualified marketing lead generation Content That Sells.

Then simply reply to this message and we can set up a conversation.

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