If you have a niche, perhaps you help ‘home contractors’ such as electricians, plumbers, and builders with Facebook ads.

Or if you are getting more specific, maybe you help ‘home remodeling contractors’ with Facebook ads.

Or if you are even more specific, maybe you help ‘heritage-listed home remodeling contractors’ with Facebook ads.

What each of these niches LACK however is a ‘problem-centered approach.

What does your group of ‘heritage-listed home remodeling contractors’ have in common that is a significant challenge or pain?

Is it that they currently get work by referral but do not have a system for bringing in regular leads?

Is it that they are currently stuck at $10k months but would like to grow to $100k months with more leads and bigger contract sizes?

Is it that they are not getting enough of their IDEAL contracts which are large-scale renovations and million-dollar home remodeling contracts?

Once you have a niche that has a common problem, and a common starting point, then you are set better positioned to appeal to them with your messaging.

  1. You know where to find them and this means you can focus your search on the one or two platforms that they frequent
  2. Your content and message speaks to them because you resonate clearly with their current situation and desired future
  3. You can offer value in a short period of time because you can map out a solution and get results for them succinctly
  4. You can create consistent and highly leveraged results because you are positioned to help them in such a specific way
  5. You can charge higher fees because you are now a thought leader and industry specialist within your niche and create such significant results

When thinking about your niche -do you have a problem-based niche?

Do You Have A Problem Based Niche?