You might feel that cold email doesn’t work and goes straight into the spam inbox.

However, for every cold message campaign you bin, that business will be likely booking calls.

Or they wouldn’t be sending emails at all.

Statistics say that email outreach provides 40 times more customer acquisition than social channels, and it is still the most popular channel for cold outreach [].

Reaching key decision makers in their primary inbox with an appealing message that speaks to a tangible pain point is both an art and a science.

However, crafting a good email script for cold outreach is one of the things many consultants struggle to do.

So, what is the secret to getting high open rates and calls booked?

First I can tell you what NOT to do:

  • Don’t sell in your outreach message. Nobody likes to receive a cold message with a direct pitch for services. This is a sure way to get reported as spam or just deleted.
  • Don’t spray and pray. Do not message everyone and anyone with a generic message in the hope that it will get some replies.
  • For deliverability do not use images, logos or links.
  • Don’t use special fonts – keep the email clean with lots of white space. Bold words or phrases to draw attention but that’s it.

Next create a hyper-targeted list of leads with their validated email addresses.

There are several ways to do this:

  • Buy lists online [my least favourite option].
  • Create your own custom list from industry databases such as Crunchbase, D7 Lead Finder, Zoom Info, Apollo, and more
  • Create your own lists by with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and then use various tools to extract email addresses [my preferred option].

The most important thing to keep in mind is that 40% of your email campaign success lies in your list.

This means that nearly half of your attention should go into making sure you have the right people to target before you even start writing an email.

Third, isolate the most pressing challenge or pain that this group of people are facing that you can with 100% confidence solve.

Another 40% of your email success rate is that you connect with your cold prospect on an issue that is affecting them.

We are now at 80% of your email success entirely relying on you messaging the right people about the right problem.

This is before even starting to compose a catchy message or headline.

By showing that you know their pressing challenge or need you show relevance to the prospect and at least win their time to read what you have to say.

If you start with information about what you do or your services you lose people’s attention immediately.

Fourth, offer value.

This point aligns with the point above which warns you not to sell in your cold email.

By offering value, often a short strategy call or free consultation is enough, you engage your cold lead into a conversation that opens the relationship up.

It is this warm relationship that is now the foundation for a sales conversation and not before.

Other forms of value can be free events, free or low-priced training, an eBook, or others.

The key is that this offer has to be VALUABLE to your target.

At this point, they are not yet trading their money for the value but they are trading their time, so it has to appeal to their desire to solve a very specific problem.

Fifth, give a clear call to action.

This means you close your email with very clear steps for them to take next if they are interested.

This can simply be instructions to reply for more information.

Do not leave the prospect confused about what to do next.

Step out very clearly what they can do if your email hits a nerve.

Sixth, be conversational and clear.

It’s easy to get carried away in an outreach message with exposition about why you are getting in touch or who you are.

Write your email like you’re having a simple conversation with someone, polite and clear.

Make sure you show relevance to them and their pain or challenge and offer your free value.

Be simple and to the point.

I like to add a ‘no worries’ clause which means I give them a clear “out” if they are not interested.

Seventh, follow GDPR guidelines.

Definitely research the data protection laws about cold emailing for business in your region.

A universal etiquette is to allow people to opt-out from hearing from you again, whether that is by reply email or an opt-out button in the footer of your email.

When you have a good list, a relevant and painful challenge to solve, a great offer of value, and a clear conversational outreach message with a call to action, you can enjoy higher than normal open rates, reply rates, and call booking rates.

If you would like help with your cold email campaigns then simply comment below and we can set up a short call.

Does Cold Email Work?  | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK