Do you go to a party and stand in the corner?

Or do you attend a conference, set up a table or stall Wallflower, and wait for people to walk up to you?

Or do you enter a party and find some new people to talk to?

Do you wander around a conference and introduce yourself in the breakout sessions, at the coffee kart, or lunch table?

Or better, do you Wallflower find the attendee list and directly contact interesting people suggesting a coffee or a meeting?

Waiting for people to come to you at a party is like having a LinkedIn profile and not posting anything.

Or never contacting your network, or engaging in conversations, or inviting a chat.

LinkedIn is the best B2B networking and social media platform because of the number of critical decision-makers you can access directly, no matter your timezone or location.

Good networking is simple: walk up, introduce yourself, ask intelligent questions, and initiate a conversation.

Don’t wait for others to come to you.

People out there want to meet you.

Businesses need the solutions you have.

Don’t be a wallflower.

Don't Be A Wallflower