• Do you offer revenue share?

    Currently we do not work on a revenue share basis because to do so would require ownership of the revenue generation activities of the company such as product design, pricing, go to market strategy, sales team management, content management and all other elements of the growth marketing including the sales process.

  • Do you offer guarantees?

    Unfortunately it is impossible for us to provide any guarantees of success ahead of campaigns since results vary drastically from industry vertical to product and market-message match. However, for our clients who work with us for 4 months or more and for whom no calls are booked we agree to work for free for a certain period of time or until calls are booked.

  • I want 10+ calls per week – can you provide that?

    We can promise a volume of research and outreach, but we cannot promise a volume of replies and calls booked since these metrics rely on many factors outside of our control including market message resonance, and market saturation. Upon campaign design we can assess current or prior sales efforts and use these as benchmarks to estimate predicted results for your specific campaign.

  • Can you provide evidence of success?

    While there is an extensive summary of client successes and results on our website, in brief we can provide up-to-date and recent evidence of success of various B2B service companies across approximately 30+ industry verticals and nearly every single global time zone.  Please reach out for more information.

  • Do you have experience in my industry?

    We have experience across most B2B service categories and geographies including: Cybersecurity, IT and Managed Services, Outsourced Software and Game Development, Outsourced Staff, HR and Recruitment, Business Planning and Capital Raising Consulting, SaaS, Data and Analytics, Business and Sales Consulting, Marketing and Advertising, Training and Vocational Education, Private Equity, Food and Beverage Manufacturing and more.

  • What makes you different from every other lead generation company?

    We pride ourselves on our white glove approach. At Sader we work very closely with our clients on all aspects of the campaign design, campaign delivery and campaign optimization. We combine our expertise in B2B sales and lead generation across LinkedIn, cold email and content strategy to provide our clients with the best results possible. Our values are excellence, Insights, results, and a whiteglove approach.

  • How do you ensure data privacy?

    We comply with GDPR requirements for cold outreach in the following ways: (1) We use publicly available email data found from LinkedIn, websites or databases such as Crunchbase. (2) We only message decision makers about matters relevant to their business via cold outreach (3) We do not subscribe leads to marketing lists or sell data to other companies (4) We always Blacklist leads if they request their data be removed from outreach and not contacted again (4) we respond immediately to leads if they ask inquiring where we found their data.

    We are always willing to sign NDAs with our clients where we handle their own private data, LinkedIn profiles, CRMs and other lists.

  • What if LinkedIn bans my profile?

    We do not use any LinkedIn automation which is one reason that LinkedIn might ban a profile. To ensure secure login from a remote location we use proxy browsers to mimic the clients location and we do not exceed the maximum number of new connections possible per week.

    In 3-4 years of operation we have never lost a client’s profile to a LinkedIn ban however at times, if the profile is temporarily restricted we simply slow down and rest the profile for a week or so.

  • I hate cold emails and delete every one I receive. Is email marketing dead?

    Cold email remains the most powerful B2B lead generation avenue alongside LinkedIn.

  • Do you use automation?

    In order to send a high volume of emails we indeed use email sending automation tools which track open rates and click rates. We do not use any LinkedIn automation due to the risk of profiles being banned and the highly customized nature of our work.

  • How many LinkedIn profiles should we use?

    One profile can handle 250 new connections added per week and over 1000 per month. As a result the average campaign should aim to add several profiles to increase the surface area of leads added and therefore connections accepted and messages sent.

  • I hate receiving spam messages on LinkedIn. Is LinkedIn marketing dead?

    The key to cold outreach is to send the right people the right offer that makes sense to them. Rather than perceiving cold outreach dead or a particular channel dead, instead one should review how to find the right people and offer them the right solution. When these factors align, cold outreach is extremely powerful.

  • In an age of AI and automation, is cold outreach dead?

    In an age of automation and AI, providing more value, targeting the right people with a high value offer becomes more paramount in order to cut through the volume of spam.

  • Do you do LinkedIn ads?

    We do not provide any paid advertising services however if this is a requirement we are able to refer you to valued providers who do.

  • I’m based in XYZ geography. I’m not sure how you can help me?

    If your leads are available via email and LinkedIn and understand English, we can reach them, no matter the geography.

  • I’m from the XYZ industry. I’m not sure how you can help me.

    If your leads are B2B decision makers looking for a high ticket service or solution, and are active via email and LinkedIn then we can help you.

  • I help individuals not companies – does cold outreach work for that?

    Yes if your target audience are individuals findable on LinkedIn and via email who are looking for a high ticket service or solution, then we can help you.

  • What contributes to successful campaigns?

    The most successful campaigns contain easy to understand offers targeting decision makers who are actively in need of such a solution. Contributing factors to successful campaigns include, strong digital presence in the form of content online, brand authority and reputation, strong case studies and valuable content that both educates and pre-sells leads prior to a call.

    Successful campaigns are lean, without too many differing offers or features, addressing a clearly defined decision makers. Offers with a strong incentive to say yes and clear evidence that results are likely all contribute to campaign success.

  • I hate marketing and selling. Can you help me?

    Many experts hate marketing and selling which is why we exist. However we find the best results are created when we work with a company that has done a great deal of ground work to develop their own marketing and sales strategy and now just need help to book more calls.

    That said, if a company needs help with market research, brand messaging and funnel design, demand generation, lead generation, sales development, sales enablement, CRM consulting, and more we are able to provide these additional services for a fee.

  • Can you write content for my LinkedIn profile/ newsletter for me?

    We do not specialize in writing content however we have great frameworks to help our clients write their own thought leadership content at scale and leverage LinkedIn to build their brand authority and profile.

  • Can you like and comment on posts on LinkedIn for me?

    Yes we are able to interact with your LinkedIn network on your behalf according to agreed upon schedule and process.

  • Can you generate only warm leads that are looking for my services now and ready to buy?

    Cold outreach is by nature “top of the funnel” which means leads are yet to be educated, cultivated and nurtured to the point of sale. There are several ways we help to expedite the process of ensuring leads are best positioned to buy. First, we use intent data as much as possible, targeting leads who are actively looking for a solution similar in nature. Second, we craft an outreach funnel designed to provide as much value as possible up front to educate and qualify prospects. Third, we provide our clients with support post call, to track, follow up and further move prospects towards sale.

  • Can you qualify the leads before the call is booked so I only speak to customers ready to buy and who are a good fit?

    We work collaboratively with our clients to ensure that leads booked are exactly the type of decision maker desired to turn into paying clients. If we are not booking qualified leads then we redesign the script, the data research and the funnel design to ensure that the correct leads are being reached. Readiness to buy is a variable harder to control however the nature of developing a pipeline is creating a range of opportunities at various stages of maturity able to be converted into new business for weeks and months ahead.

  • I don’t want to pay for unqualified leads. Can I pay only for the leads generated that are a good fit?

    There are several ways that we identify and target qualified leads. First, at the point of onboarding we seek to understand as specifically as possible who is your ideal client and what qualifies them to work with you to gain the best results. In doing so we are able to craft outreach messaging that best speaks to these qualifying factors and attract the right candidates to a conversation with you. Second, we work with intent data as much as possible. This means we research leads who are showing signs of trying to solve the specific problems that you help them with including but not limited to: hiring someone to fill a role, posting questions in forums, attending events or conferences addressing this topic, posting content online indicating a challenge or conundrum or simply searching online for specific services or key words. This said because we specialize in cold outreach, we cannot 100% guarantee that all leads will be fully qualified, ready to buy now, decision makers. They might be able to refer internally to the right decision maker or they might be interested to buy at a future date. All these factors indicate a lead is in your pipeline ready to convert at a future date and this is a valuable component of building your sales pipeline and sales process.

  • Do you have any deals for clients who sign up for one year or longer?

    Yes we do, clients who stay longer than the 4 month minimum are offered significant discounts to stay with us longer term.

  • If I want to increase my outreach, what does that cost?

    If clients wish to double or triple outreach, we give a custom quote based on the data, inboxes, domains and LinkedIn profile requirements to reach new targets. Get in touch directly to find out more.

  • I want to do it myself – can you train me or my team?

    Yes we have a full program to teach consultants LinkedIn and cold email best practice and to empower their team to deliver this in house.

  • Do you have any minimum term obligations?

    We require 4 month minimum engagement for LinkedIn and cold email outreach due to the time required to test, iterate, and see compounding success of follow ups.

  • Can I cancel the contract mid way?

    If a client wishes to cancel the agreement within the first four months, they can do so in writing with an explanation of why they wish to stop. Beyond the first four month agreement, clients need to only give us 10 days notice prior to the next billing cycle that they wish to terminate outreach and we will wrap up the campaigns.

  • If I want to pause outreach for a while is that possible?

    If a client wishes to pause the agreement within the first four months, they can do so in writing with an explanation of why they wish to pause and when they wish to commence again.

  • Do you give refunds if clients are unhappy? What if I get zero calls ? or zero signed business?

    We include our clients in every point of the journey from campaign design, to campaign reach and intricate reporting of statistics and KPIs and metrics. We also include our clients in split testing, and campaign iterations. We are very much a collaborative team to ensure the campaigns create the best results possible. Where we see potential for improvement in the sales process, sales call, follow up, lead nurture and closing we offer as much advice and insight as possible.

    We cannot guarantee closed business as each company has their own sales team and sales process. If a company books zero calls from our outreach we work hard with them to find market message resonance and to improve their online presence to ensure that leads can best respond to a cold message.

    If a client is unhappy with our services we seek to understand what is missing and how to rectify the situation. We address refund requests on a case by case basis.

  • Do I need my website rebuilt and all my content rebranded and ready before I start any outreach?

    While a strong and consistent web and digital presence does indeed aid cold outreach, leads can be booked and deals closed with no website at all.