I’m often asked if we should try a new gif image in emails and outbound LinkedIn messages. 

Or auto generated personalized images that contain jokes and custom branding to engage leads. 

Of whether a video survey tool would be helpful to encourage more engagement with call booking. 

Or custom videos showing a personalized message to each lead. 

I see email newsletters that are sent fully branded and designed each month with headers, logos, links and monthly themes. 

The thing is that these flourishes are nice but generally gimmicks don’t work. 

By gimmicks I mean cool marketing tricks to make messages look better or to create more clicks and engagement. 

At the heart of great sales and lead generation is a simple and lean method: 

  1. Speak to the right person 
  2. About their felt challenge or need in a way that helps them understand their own challenges better
  3. Offer a clear pathway or solution to solve this problem in a way that is credible
  4. Invite engagement in a low risk way [a short chat for example]. 

Personalized or individualized messages are only necessary for exclusive and highly desired clients. 

Clear and understandable messaging can be scaled and replicated for outreach without losing efficacy. 

If you have a clear and resonating message you do not need a highly branded, clickbait, funny meme driven outbound message. 

You do not need clever video survey devices 

Generally companies looking for these gimmicks are avoiding the underlying issue plaguing their business – low market message resonance. 

Once you have a clear and simple message to a specific audience and offer a clear and credible solution,

Sales and lead generation should work smoothly and without friction. 

Without gimmicks.  

If you would like to improve your market message resonance and improve your lead generation efforts, then comment below or reply to this message and we can have a short conversation.

Gimmicks Don’t Work | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK