Around this time of the year, it is common to come against the “holiday” objection in sales calls with prospects.

By this, I mean the prospect shows interest in your offer or working with you but says, “I’m keen to start in January.”

Or, “things are quiet between Thanksgiving to New Year, so let’s touch base when we are back from holidays.”

Or, “we are winding down now and planning for 2023, so keen to kick things off in the new year.”

How do you handle this delay objection which can mean December is a graveyard of new business and cash flow?

I have recently been taught this by Mike Mark and have used it to change the direction of sales calls and so sharing here with you.

First, acknowledge the objection.

Something like, “Yes, I understand things slow down at the end of the year, and we are all in planning mode for the new year.”

Second, challenge the objection with this question:

“When would you like sales calls to start filling your calendar?” or “When are you hoping new business conversations will start being generated?”

When the prospect answers, count the lead time required to achieve this goal with them.

For example, “When you sign up, there is an onboarding and campaign design period that takes about two weeks before we start campaign outreach, and typically you can see calls trickly in after a week or fortnight of the campaign launch. As a result, it’s best to count back 3-4 weeks before you hope to see results and kick-off.”

Third, calculate the cost of delay.

Challenge them that if they DO wait until January to kick things off, then, in fact, they are delaying real momentum for their new business goals to February or March, which is then close to Q2 of the new calendar year.

Finish up by affirming that December being quiet business wise is the PERFECT time to commence the work, planning, and preparation for a BIG January month.

And in fact, the quieter business period allows space to do the groundwork necessary for a New Year push.

Don’t let the holidays become an objection.

Turn it into the best season to work with you.

Holiday Objections | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london UK