Do you feel you might miss business opportunities if you limit your offering?

Worried that if you don’t list EVERYTHING you can do, you’ll be turning away good clients?

The opposite is often true:

You miss opportunities by being too general.

Your communication is too vague to connect immediately, and potential clients move on.

You spend too much time trying to keep all your information up to date that you can’t do anything else.

Instead, if you focus intently on the most impactful solutions, you can provide to the most painful problems in the shortest amount of time.

You will pick up clients consistently and with ease.

The key is to connect quickly with immediate needs and desires.

High-paying discerning buyers want to know that you can help them specifically and have experience creating results.

They want to understand how it works.

You must exclude options, features, offers, and potential client demographics.

It pays [literally] to be super specific

Don’t worry about missed opportunities – those can come from creating great results for existing clients.

You don’t need a fantastic website, logo, SEO, or masses of content.

You just need a LinkedIn profile, email inbox, and a specific solution to a problem.

If you want to get clear about your offer message and start booking calls with prospects,

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