Does your business use appointment setters?

I recently launched a LinkedIn poll to which I would love you to respond.

You can find ,the poll via this link here,.

An appointment setter sets up a call for your sales reps often qualifying and disqualifying prospects, so the sales team has the best chance of closing new business.

Typically an appointment setter responds to inbound inquiries to your business via webforms or opt-ins for paid ads or other promotional offers.

An appointment setter can email or call the leads, add them on LinkedIn, message them, ask them questions, and otherwise “set up the appointment” for a longer conversation and sales call.

An appointment setter can also DM interested leads via Facebook or Instagram, targeting members of Facebook groups or users who have shown interest in some content you have shared or offers you have made.

If your company is running paid ads and retargeting ads, an appointment setter can follow up with leads, sometimes increasing your call booking rate by 300%.

Often the sales team will set the appointments themselves;

However, a separate appointment-setting role is necessary in the case of a high volume of leads.

Appointment setters can be in-house or externally sourced.

Does your company use appointment setters?

Let me know via the poll on LinkedIn here.

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