Inbound leads who want your services are the best type of leads.

They are warm because of search intent – they are actively looking for a solution now – and are ready to buy.

They perhaps google keywords, find your content online, then reach out for a conversation.

Or they are scrolling their LinkedIn newsfeed and come across your thought leadership and reach out directly to your profile.

Inbound leads usually convert faster because they have already digested some of your content and understand your services.

They are in the final stages of deciding between you and other similar providers.

They usually need only a little extra information before they convert into paying clients.

For those of us who HATE cold prospecting, warm inbound leads are the perfect desired leads.

However, what is not always understood is that cold outbound activity CREATES to warm inbound prospects.

Let me explain.

Cold outbound expands your LinkedIn network with the right kind of decision makers who in turn can see your content and reach out to you.

Cold outbound taps decision makers on the shoulder and prompts them to look at your website, read some blog articles and click links.

Cold outbound gets B2B decision makers into the top of your funnel and into your universe – they follow your socials, they download your reports or guides, they join your newsletter – all to find out more.

Before you know it you find that you’re getting more warm inquiries from prospects looking for a solution like yours.

The key is, they first came into your universe through cold outbound activity – sending out emails to decision makers and by adding these people to your LinkedIn network.

B2B sales, particularly high 5 figure, 6 figure and higher deals are won off the back of relationships, long lead nurture cycles, and thought leadership content.

But everyone in the WORLD is a stranger to us at first.

How do we get the relationships, the awareness of our thought leadership and the chance to nurture leads?

The answer is via cold outbound.

As much as you might prefer warm inbound…

…. if you can appreciate that warm inbound leads are created by cold outbound activity, your funnel should be filling soon.

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