When considering how many sales your business has made over the last month, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How many strategy sessions or sales calls did I book?
  2. How many strategy sessions did I complete and how many offers did I make?

Of course there are many other elements that make up a strong business including having a strong offer that resonates with your target market, developing a strong mindset, capturing testimonials, running a lean operation and more.

Outflow = Inflow  sales your business

However these simple metrics trump the rest as absolutely critical indicators or your sales volume and bottom line.

Ultimately it comes down to this simple equation:

Outlfow = Inflow

The amount of inflow you receive in sales calls and sales revenue will be equal to the amount of outflow in outreach messaging, promotion and content that you put out.

Your income will be directly proportional to your outflow.

Therefore, finding more of your ideal client, sending more outbound messages of connection and value, initiating more conversations and booking more sales calls, conducting more sales calls and making more offers, should be your focus on when wanting to move your business forward.

If you would like help:

  1. nailing your offer,
  2. finding more of your ideal clients online
  3. building systems and processes to open dozens of conversations each week and to book more sales calls each month

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To your success