An old adage goes: “People love to buy, but they don’t love to be sold”.

Indeed. When we are sad, it’s common to go shopping and spend money.

It’s called “Retail therapy”.

Instead of doing the hard work of building a business, we find it easier to invest in another course, another gadget, another book or conference, or another software or tool.

Often, our self-care is often equated with a luxury holiday, some nice clothes, an expensive meal out.

Buying is a very human process.

It is psychological and emotional.

We choose by emotion and justify on logic.

When selling to others, understanding this process helps a lot.

First, realised that we cannot create desire, we can only tap into and channel the desire that is already there.

The buying process is designed to connect with people’s feelings – their feeling of current struggle and challenge.

And their feeling of desire for a solution and future outcome.

Since we know that people want to buy, our job is to help them buy.

And to not make them feel sold.

If we can help others see what is holding them back from achieving their desire, and see that it is simply a lack of know-how or a lack of a proven system.

And if we can help them see that we have this know-how and this proven system, now we have a prospect poised to buy.

Good copy and good sales strategy, help people to dream about what they want and to see their desired future within arms reach.

It helps them to buy.

People Want To Buy Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london