As a CEO and founder, expert or consultant unless you have a large team, you will be in charge of sales.

You will be both in charge of running the company and bringing in new clients.

It’s unavoidable if you are the founder, product owner and head of the company, that it’s up to you to network with, persuade and bring in new clients.

So how do you do it all?

How do you run a company with one hat, deliver work with another hat and take charge of sales with a third hat?

All without losing your sanity.

Firstly, sales is not simply about a script or framework, objection handling or closing techniques.

Sales is about simply and clearly communicating who you help, how you help them, and the steps required to create results.

The most powerful sales technique is communicate with super clarity exactly who is the perfect fit for you and why.

This includes what work they have done before they met you, where they are at in their business or product cycle, what pressures they’re facing and what goals they are yet unable to achieve.

Once you can identify these specific factors it’s much easier to share the EXACT steps required for them to achieve an outcome.

They’re more likely to achieve this desired outcome quickly and with less friction because of the qualifying factors.

Also you’re able to share the case studies of companies like theirs who have achieved this already.

They will quickly recognise themselves because of the clarity with which you can articulate this.

Good sales is focusing on your strengths and values to exclude the wrong prospects and attract the right prospects so you can charge more money and do less work.

Good sales is charging premium fees to the best clients who sign up quickly, get results consistently and who are fun to work with.

The difference between a good business and a great business is a founder or owner who has ultimate clarity on who they should be working with, what actions they need to take and what results they will create.

Once you have this down you should be able to wear the hats of marketing, sales, operations and delivery because you are doing less, charging more and enjoying your work.

If you don’t have a great offer >> you don’t have a great message >> you don’t get qualified leads >> you struggle to close calls >> you struggle to create great results, and >> you struggle to get recurring clients.

Sales is not a part of your business.

Sales IS your business.