A very common mistake that experts and business owners make when selling their product or service is to sell their product or service.

It sounds counterintuitive, right?

Because if you have a great product or service, why not offer it to the market?

However, if you examine closely products such as travel insurance or airline tickets – take a look at what they are selling.

You do not see the insurance companies talking about the type of policy they have, the price or terms, etc.

Nor do we see airline companies talking about the size or width of their seats, the types of seatbelts or cabin luggage they provide.

Travel insurance and airline companies alike – SELL THE BEACH.

They sell the destination, they sell the dreams of their clientele to go far abroad and visit exotic locations.

Their pictures are of Eifel Towers, shopping in New York, climbing mountains in South America, or yes, sitting on a beach with a cocktail in your hand.

Their product or service is simply a means to the desired end.

The desired end is escape, relaxation, vacation, and exotic shores.

When we consider selling our SaaS or consulting service, we need to think deeply about the desired end of our client.

What do they dream about and visualize?

What is their destination and how does our product or service get them there?

If you start to sell the beach, instead of the airplane ticket, you will start to get a lot more interested clients signing up to talk to you to find out how to get there.

Sell The Beach