Experts do not share enough of their story.

I do not mean the story of how they started their business, their origin story, or about their personal lives.

I mean the story of the transformation, the thinking behind it, how it works for the right people, who the right people are, and what the transformation requires of these people.

This is not just about lead generation because ads or a cold email can attract leads without telling a story.

This is not just about building a huge email list or YouTube channel as a vanity metric to be an influencer or to be niche-famous.

An expert can survive years, genuinely making a change in people’s lives without sharing their story.

They can guide clients where they are at, showing them the next step and creating great outcomes.

Experts should share their story, the story of their transformation, the story of the amazing thought leadership and solutions they create, because people WANT to hear their story.

People want to understand, want to learn, want to follow, want to be transformed.

Some people can ONLY be changed when they understand the story, not the next micro-step they need to take.

People want to gravitate towards genuine expertise, want to be around authentic thought leadership, want to be a part of a meaningful movement.

Often it’s an unexpected part of your story that attracts clients as your ethics, motives or even your anti-story, what you stand against or will not tolerate.

Sharing your story creates trust, builds authentic thought leadership, attracts the right people to you.

Share your story.

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