There’s a phenomenon in the content world which is engagement.

This requires sharing branded content, quotes and pithy insights with the goal of generating huge amounts of engagement and being seen as an influencer.

The problem with this type of content is that “engagement” is the key metric, rather than sales. 

Of course, sales might occur as a by-product of being perceived to be an influencer in the market, however signing up clients is not an immediate goal. 

If you look closely at “influencer” content, their posts are fairly varied, fairly inspirational and speak to a wide audience. 

On the other hand, there’s a type of content that regularly creates sales. 

This kind of content speaks very specifically to a decision maker within a certain type of company experiencing a pain point. 

This content addresses a very certain challenge and in a way that helps the right kind of person to understand how they can solve it.

It’s full of wisdom and the insight built on years of experience seeing what works and doesn’t work. 

This kind of content creates much less engagement in terms of likes, shares, or comments because it’s fairly niche and not everyone resonates with the insights given. 

However, it does lead to more sales when placed in front of the right people because it comes as a relief to their confusion or struggle.

Sometimes there will be no visible engagement at all until someone reaches out wanting to talk to you and later cites your content as particularly helpful. 

This is when you know you’re speaking the right language.  

When building a brand and building a content strategy, are you going for engagement metrics, followers and likes?

Or would you like to receive more DMs of the right people wanting to work with you? 

Whichever way you go, moving your business forward comes from sharing content that sells.