There is one BIG SECRET to success in business and it comes down to a mindset and belief that underlies everything you do.

If you don’t have this belief you are going to struggle in lead generation, sales, fulfillment, and in basic leadership of your business.

Your hesitation will show in the way you act, your tone of voice, your behaviours, and your habits.

You’ll subtly undermine yourself in all the daily actions required to build a business, a brand, and a customer relationship.

What is this secret you ask?

The secret is simply this:

Do you believe that what you are selling is GUARANTEED to be a life changer for your client’s life/business?

A great mental exercise to do for yourself is to imagine you have $10k in cash to give away.

Imagine walking up down a street or around a crowded room offering money to people there.

  • Do you feel awkward approaching people?
  • Do you feel cringey making an offer?
  • Do you feel icky or sales making cold approaches to people going about their day?

If you answered NO to all of these questions, you’re on the right track!

This is the mindset you need to adopt when prospecting, outreaching, and making offers! If you truly believe you are genuinely giving massive value to people who need it, you will feel radically more comfortable selling.

If you answered YES to any of these questions, fear not! The following exercise will help you find your way forward.

You can change some of your inner doubts and fears through some of the following exercises.

  • List all the great results you have achieved, whether with clients or in your own life/business.
  • Write down all the reasons why your ideal client NEEDS what you have to offer them. Highlight the time/money/energy that they will SAVE by working with you.
  • Write down all the ways you can change their life and business for the better. Include, for example, the time/energy/money that they will EARN by working with you.
  • Learn to reframe negative events, mistakes, and setbacks. Journal any negative events or occurrences, and reflect on what you have learned from them and/or how they will help you improve.

When you are able to be way more consistent and confident with your outreach, lead generation, sales conversations, follow-up, and fulfillment.

You’ll be able to bounce back from NOs and from discouraging conversations or experiences because you deeply believe that what you have to offer will help people out there.

It will transform the way you act, your tone of voice, your behaviours, and your habits which will propel you forward to find your ideal clients and start to help them.

The One Secret To Sales Success