There is a lot of power in getting super specific about who you help and how you help them.

The more specific you are, the more your prospect resonates with you, feeling you’re talking straight to them

Even though your message is the identical message you send to hundreds of other people.

This is the power of good copywriting and sales.

Making people feel that you know them and can help them quite specifically.

The higher your deal size, the MORE specific and personalized you need to get.

Like hyper-personalized.

This comes down to individually tailored emails or even handwritten cards, thoughtful gifts, and experiences.

How is this possible though when doing cold outreach?

Even 2-3 lines of personalized comments and compliments – can increase the reply rate of cold emails and cold LinkedIn messages by something like 30-60%.

That’s incredible !!

When considering a deal size in excess of $10k per month [$100k + year] or higher, then securing the initial conversation is MUCH more about quality over quantity.

Slowing down and sending personalized messages to prospects leads to a greater reply rate and more qualified booked calls.

If you’re interested in chatting about how a VA can research and write personalized lines for your outreach campaigns on LinkedIn and email – comment below or message me for more information.

The Power of Personalisation Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london