Are Organic funnels and websites the secret to high ticket sales?

Or cookies or click-tracking?

Should you be retargeting visitors to your website or prospects with Google or Facebook ads?

Worried that your funnel and landing pages are not fully optimized?

Concerned that your calendar and email options are using different operating systems?

Most of all, do you worry that not having any of these means you can’t get clients?

There are so many tech-based solutions for lead gen that it hurts the brain.

Every guru and consultant will tell you something different.

Each one works well for good reasons.

In my experience, B2B lead generation for high-ticket clients requires only the simplest of organic funnels.

LinkedIn profile —> connection and outreach message ——> call booking ——-> sale.


Email outreach message —–> call booking —–> sale.

Of course, capturing emails for follow-up if you have an email newsletter is a great addition.

Of course, a good VSL to send in advance of calls or after calls is a great addition.

Of course, a good website with clear content, testimonials, and additional information is a great addition.

Of course, any of the above tech solutions are a great addition.

But they’re not ESSENTIAL.

What is essential for B2B lead generation is an attractive offer framed and worded to speak to a specific target audience.

Next, an outreach offer to a cold lead with an offer of value that makes sense to their current situation.

Then, a call to deliver value that creates a warm relationship and establishes the prospect as a good fit.

Finally an offer of help and a sale.

No technology is required except an optimized LinkedIn page or a warmed-up email inbox [or both].

If you’re struggling to get B2B leads and agonising over your tech stack, funnel, paid ads or landing pages.

And if you’d like a simple and lean organic outreach funnel to engage your ideal client with regularity.

Then simply message me and we can have a quick 15 min chat about your organic strategy.

The Simple Organic Funnel