Do you need a funnel, landing page, or website to land clients?

Or cookies or click-tracking to retarget visitors with paid ads?

Or an email follow-up sequence and lead magnet?

Let’s be frank; there are so many tech-based solutions for lead gen that it hurts the brain.

Each one works well for good reasons.

In my experience, B2B lead generation for high-ticket clients requires only the most uncomplicated organic funnels.

LinkedIn profile >> connection and outreach message >> call booking >> sale.


Email outreach message >> call booking >> sale.

Of course, capturing emails for follow-up if you have an email newsletter is a great addition.

Of course, good blog, video, and published content to nurture leads is a great addition.

Of course, a good website with clear content, testimonials, and thought leadership is a great addition.

But they’re not ESSENTIAL.

What is essential for B2B lead generation is:

  1. An attractive offer framed and worded to speak to a specific target audience.
  2. An outreach message with an offer of value that makes sense to their current situation.
  3. A call in which you deliver value that creates a warm relationship and establishes whether your prospect is a good fit for your services.
  4. An offer of help made to a willing prospect and a sale.

No technology is required except an optimized LinkedIn page or a warmed-up email inbox [or both].

If you’re struggling to get B2B leads and agonizing over your tech stack, funnel paid ads or landing pages.

And if you’d like a simple and lean organic outreach funnel to engage your ideal client with regularity.

Then comment below, and we can have a quick 15 min chat about your organic strategy.

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