Using the word “investment” to discuss the price of your services can revolutionize the way you land clients

The reason there are so many price objections in sales – whether it’s for $500 or $5,000 or $50,000 or more is that people weigh the cost in terms of what they can lose.

Can they lose this $5k if your program doesn’t help them?

Is that a realistic amount of money they can risk never seeing again after 3 months in your program?

The cost of gambling in the casino can be thousands out of pocket.

The cost of a holiday is $2k plus spending money.

The cost of a meal out is $500+.

We factor in COSTS when we think about luxuries, treats, and expendables.

However, INVESTMENTS are things that we use to create money and recoup any capital outlay.

Investments are carefully considered, data-driven decisions toward growth.

Debt can be an investment such as taking a student or business loan or a mortgage.

If the numbers add up the decision is a natural next step.

As such, when explaining your services, it’s critical to not only use the WORD investment but to lay out your process and results in such a clear way that an investment decision is natural and easy.

The clearer you are about who you help and what your process entails,

And the steps people take to solve their problem,

And the predictable nature of these outcomes,

The more you inspire trust in the investment.

People can consider payment on a credit card [or loan from a family friend] to INVEST in your program

If they believe the results are inevitable.

People can find the money for an investment

If it’s a cost, they might save and budget and be cautious of spending

Think INVESTMENTS when communicating your offer, not a price or a cost.

Think Investment Not Cost