When generating leads on LinkedIn it can feel like nothing works.

Posting content doesn’t work.

Sending lots of connection requests doesn’t work.

InMails don’t work.

It can be daunting and frustrating because you might see other people winning large contracts via LinkedIn and wonder what they have that you do not.

Success on LinkedIn comes down to a few simple steps.

First, nail your ideal client persona.

This doesn’t mean you help small businesses in the e-commerce niche.

This means you can identify a range of quite specific characteristics of your ideal client which qualify them to get great results with you.

The size of the company, their current position in revenue or their number of clients, their current activity, and current efforts to solve their problems, as well as their desired destination and goal in quite specific terms.

If you can say that you help e-commerce business owners who are currently turning over $30k months and have a team between 2-5 employees, and are currently getting clients through paid ads but are not yet maximizing SEO strategies for generating clients and who would like to double their revenue in the next 6 months – this means you have a much more specific client persona.

This level of detail means you can use this to create a narrative, content, messaging, and script so that outreach and all your marketing and sales efforts make sense to the prospect when you interact with them.

It means they can SEE how you work, it will make sense and they know the kind of outcomes that they can get with you eg. go from $30k to $60k months in several months with SEO strategies.

Too many consultants and business owners struggle with lead generation without re-evaluating whether they are targeting the right people with the right message in the first place.

Second, add your ideal client and build your network.

Once you know who you are targeting, LinkedIn allows you to search with quite high precision more of these types of people and add up to 100 per week.

When you share content on LinkedIn you want the right people to see it.

Also, you now have a rich network of exactly the type of people who are likely to benefit from what you have to offer.

Interact positively with them and by this I mean – read their content, like and comment on their posts, message them to say “hi” and offer them free value in the form of your eBooks, training, or guides.

By building goodwill you will create conversations that surprise you with their depth and openness.

People want to find solutions for their problems and you are well-positioned to help them out.

It’s just networking 101 really.

Third, initiate conversations.

By this, I mean directly messaging your network with offers of value in such a way that is personalized and nuanced to their unique needs.

Take some time to connect to them and who they are.

Next, offer some value in terms of training, strategy, diagnostics or reports that create the desired result you are an expert at creating.

If they say no, then they are saying no to free value, rather than to a sales pitch.

If they say yes, often it’s because your approach has been genuine, relevant, and value-laden.

Combine these three strategies with a well-optimized LinkedIn page and a solid follow-up sequence and you have the beginnings of some massive LinkedIn success.

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