I used to get stressed if prospects took their time to get back to me.

Or if a potential client ghosted me

Or said ‘yes’ and then didn’t pay or show up to further calls.

I used to anticipate rejection if a prospect canceled a call with me even before reading why they had to cancel.

I actually emailed a few clients a goodbye message only to learn that I had assumed too much.

And invariably the sale didn’t go ahead.

I used to get so stressed if people I was sure would say yes, ended with a no.

So much energy and attention, expectation, and attachment were tied to the YES.

Then I discovered tracking.

I recorded each prospect in a pipeline from “interested”, to “not now maybe later”, to “call completed no sale”, “sale declined”, then “sale closed”, “not qualified”, “no show”, and “opted in for free training“.

Each record showed me how many people were in my pipeline and the dollar value of their potential deals.

I could see MULTIPLE proposals and conversations at a glance.

I saw the big picture value of my pipeline – conversations, dollars, stages.

If one lead said no or disappeared, I had 10 more to follow up.

I could see that follow-up included several touchpoints – not just one or two.

This slowed down my assumptions.

Cleared my head of the anticipation of rejection.

I allowed prospects to take their time to reply before assuming and sending a damaging goodbye email.

It allowed me to settle into a patient follow-up process for leads who were interested.

If you are interested in improving your tracking, simply comment below for a copy of my tracking tool.

Tracking Reduces Attachment