A lot of coaches and consultants have a LinkedIn profile but don’t really use it proactively at all.

OR they use LinkedIn like they use Facebook. They might post content and then wait for people to comment before reaching out to them in the DMs. ⁣

Or wait for them to DM them first which is an absolute killer because while it does happen it’s NOT a way to build your business. ⁣

⁣The platforms are totally different. ⁣

LinkedIn groups are deadbeat and if you join a group hoping to find active members posting content and chatting to each other you’re gonna be disappointed. ⁣

If you use LinkedIn groups regularly and find them helpful then let me know because I haven’t found one yet that had any action.

When you post content on LinkedIn it’s hard to have that content seen by a wider audience due to the algorithm and it’s often your close friends and colleagues who see it each time and comment. ⁣

Even tools that share content and automate likes and comments to boost the post rarely bring inbound leads in the same way Facebook content does. ⁣

What you’re missing, if this is you, is the massive power of LinkedIn as a professional networking platform. ⁣

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn is a giant database, allowing you to search and identify your ideal client based on quite specific criteria including their role, their title, their seniority, length of time in their company, promotions and new roles, skills, contact details etc. ⁣

You can also search by company – industry, geography, whether it’s received funding or been mentioned in the news, its size, revenue, department growth, key leaders and decision makers, leadership changes, software used. ⁣

All this data is available at your fingertips allowing you to connect with the right people quite quickly.⁣

As a result, your LinkedIn strategy needs to reflect this unique power: ⁣

  • You can fill your LinkedIn page with recommendations and testimonials, endorsements and results meaning you don’t need a website or landing page to get going. ⁣

  • LinkedIn allows you to connect with 400 people per month which pushes you to get super targeted about who you are reaching out to. ⁣

  • On top of that premium plans give you 800 InMails which are DMs that you can send to people you’re not connected to. ⁣

  • Because people spend less time on LinkedIn than other platforms, using InMails and DMs to your new connections is more like email outreach and your messages need to be short and concise but complete messages. ⁣

You can’t send ‘Hi – how are you today?” kind of messages or “Thanks for commenting on my post!” This will get you nowhere. ⁣

You need to message the right person in the company with an offer of value which is relevant to their business.

⁣I always advocate for a ‘lead with value’ approach that does not include cold pitching in the DMs but rather offering value such that the door opens for a conversation.

To put this in context 800 InMails + 400 connections per month = 1200 direct messages. If you get a 4% call booking rate [avg.] that equals 48 calls per month. You only then need a 10% call to sale conversion rate to get 4-5 clients per month. ⁣

Depending on the price of your offer you’re looking at $10k months easily and that’s just the start. ⁣

If you would like to talk about ramping up your LinkedIn game reply to this email and I’d love to chat. ⁣

To your success


PS. I recently filmed a video covering the best email scripts for cold outreach that has earned me thousands each month. Click here if you’d like to see a replay.

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