It’s pretty common to wish to buy a lottery ticket.

Even if you don’t buy tickets, it’s easy to daydream of being the lucky one by chance.

However, a brief examination of the odds of winning makes it clear it’s a vain hope.

Odds 1: 14 million is a pretty poor investment of time and money.

Want to reflect on what winning the lotto looks like?

Consider the lottery in one sperm and one egg connecting out of millions, creating you.

Consider the genetic lottery that you have good health, working senses, limbs, and an average or above IQ.

Consider the historical and geographical lottery that you’re born at a time when humans have greater health care, education, and freedoms than in generations past.

And the lottery of being born into a developed country at a time when the internet connects us all globally.

Add to this the lottery of having a loving family, teachers who encouraged you, a peaceful country to live in, and so forth.

The chances of business success at worst are about 20%.

Over time, wealth can be learned, earned, built, and reproduced with intelligent applications.

You don’t want to win the lottery.

You have already won it.

Now it’s time to apply what you have won.

Want To Win the Lottery?  | Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london