We have some super exciting news to announce!! 

Behind the scenes over the past few months we have been rebranding, renaming and redoing all our online content. 

No more Jen Bishop Consulting ! 

Welcome to Sader. 

We have grown a lot over the past few years, have a larger team, have larger and longer term clients and our repositioning and online storytelling has to keep up with our new identity. 

Asil Ansari is now full co-founder of the company, and head of operations and client success. 

I, Jen Bishop, and still here, co-founder and head of strategy and new business development. 

We have a team of over 30 who work on different projects from data research, email, LinkedIn and content. 

Our company name comes from our mission of sales development, sales systems and sustainable growth for all our clients. 

We value excellence, insights, results, and a white glove approach.. 

Check out more at our new site here www.sader.agency and follow along with us on all our socials.