Hello Jennifer,

It is a common problem in business to focus on success measures grows such as monthly income and profits.

The problem with this is that it sacrifices attention to the daily, weekly and monthly activities and actions that count.

In his book ‘The Four Disciplines of Execution’ – Sean Covey talks about LAG measures and LEAD measures.

LAG measures are our success goals – such as hitting a certain income target.

They are called LAG measures, because they are the result of daily behaviours.

LAG measures are what we focus on and get frustrated by when we cannot seem to achieve.

On the other hand LEAD measures are what we can control and execute on a daily basis.

It is success with our daily LEAD measures that we should focus on – NOT the big success goals which are simply results and LAG measures.

For this reason it is important to track and measure your daily progress on your lead measures.

In business, lead measures that build to income goals include:

  • # of emails sent or LinkedIn messages sent
  • # of connections accepted
  • # of conversations started
  • # of calls booked
  • # of calls completed,
  • # of sales made

Everything in the LEAD measure list is achievable on a daily basis..

Simply paying attention to, measuring and tracking these LEAD measures, means you are more likely to book the right number of calls, make the right number of offers and close the right number of sales to hit your income targets.

For example, if one client is worth $5000 to your business and you know that you can close 1 in 4 conversations with a qualified lead at a ratio of 25% close rate.

And if you know that through organic outreach you can book 10 calls a week with qualified leads, this means that you know you will likely close $10,000 per week and $50,000 per month from organic outreach alone.

Finally in order to book 10 qualified sales conversations per week you know that you need to send 100 messages per day across LinkedIn and email to your ideal client, then you now have a daily workflow.

This gives you ultimate control over what daily actions or LEAD measures to place your focus on to.

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