Getting hyper-specific about your ideal client is not easy

But it is super important if you want to sell your consulting offer like hotcakes!

Why so?


  • if prospects can see that you have worked with their type before ….
  • If they can taste the results you achieve for clients just like them…
  • If they perceive that this process is contained within a certain time frame …
  • And if they can track results predictably over a few steps or milestones …
  • If they can see what these milestones are and what these entail at a high level …
  • If they can see themselves walking that road and getting those results,

Then they begin to feel that you have a highly tailored offer just for them…..

Even if in fact your offer helps hundreds or thousands of other people….

The specifications of your offer make them feel like you GET them …

People want to work with experts who have done it before and have the shirt to prove it.

Who would you rather have to consult you on the strange lump on your leg?

A world-class specialist in leg lumps or the GP or nurse in the emergency department?

The specialist right!??


Because you know they are best to give you the diagnosis you need.

Even if they cost more, you want the results more than you care about the price.

If you are very specific about whom you help and how it’s easier for them to justify an investment of money and or time with you

If prospects are unclear about any of these, you will get replies such as ‘let me think about it or ‘let me get back to you.’

But simply getting CRYSTAL clear on whom you help and HOW you help them

And using this in your messaging and content strategy will radically shift the responses you get.

If you want help identifying your ideal client then comment below and we can set up a chat.

Who Is Your Ideal Client