Branding is as easy as positioning yourself as the solution to a problem.

You might think of brands as famous logos or elaborate colour schemes with matching fonts and pithy catch phrases. These are all good elements of brand and are necessary as your business goes out into the world, representing a visual identity of the solutions you provide.

These elements are like your team colours, your mascot and uniform. They unite you with the tribe who follows you, sings your songs, chants to your victories and purchases your products and services.

However, the core of a strong business brand is a solution to a problem. Your customer has a challenge, a problem, a pain or a desire. Effective brand resonance is to not only speak to but listen to your customer and position yourself as the solution this problem and a bridge to their desired future.

Your business name can be as simple as your name and your logo your initials. Your colour scheme can be black and white. The visual details are not as important as the solution you provide and the value of your service. As long as you can purchase the domain name and register the business name to match, you need not agonise over your visual brand.

Think Apple. Think simple.

Think impact.