Lead generation on LinkedIn is not about connecting with new prospects and messaging them with an offer or a cold pitch.

In fact, this is not really advised at all.

A network of your ideal clients, of business decision-makers from all around the world, is an invaluable asset.

These are eyeballs that see your content and thought leadership pieces.

These are delegates who can be invited to conferences, events, roundtables, and webinars.

These are good minds from which one can poll, survey, interview, and conduct market research to further understand your industry or the market trends.

We have one client who pays us $1k per month for us to add senior decision-makers in global companies to her LinkedIn network.

Not to book calls, just to add them.

She is a content expert and marketing strategist and she knows that one contract with a Fortune 500 or higher client is worth a lot.

Yet their decision to engage her services does not happen quickly. It’s dependent upon budget cycles, incumbent contracts and relationships, trust [based on authority], and a mature relationship with her brand.

If you calculate the net worth of your network on LinkedIn in terms of potential contract sizes, then you’ll understand there is plenty of value in simply growing your network with the right people.

By nature of these connections, you open up second-degree contacts of a similar caliber.

You have more views of your content and mostly like more responses to your offers of value and gestures of well-intentioned relationship building.

When the time is right to make an offer, a well-developed network will pay rich dividends.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth