Communicating with clients can be time-consuming and making sure your communications are on point is critical to moving the client relationship forward. Here are a few ways you can provide impacting client communications:

(1) Offer client testimonials. Often the most persuasive methods of convincing clients to work with you is via word of mouth. Hearing results from other clients who have been genuinely helped by you and have reached desired results is invaluable to your client communications. It can often address many unspoken questions they may have but are not asking you directly.

(2) Offer impact reports. Show numbers, data, statistics and reach. You don’t have to show size or grandeur to convince people your work is effective but do present data to convince the more analytical and left brained business clients that you can deliver the desired results.

(3) Show evidence in your own life. If you have experienced transformation from your own learning and training then share your first hand evidence. No one wants to be trained by an overweight coach or have their money managed by a poor fund manager. Your own life is a testimony to your expertise and ability to deliver.

3 top tips for effective client communication

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