Client engagement should primary be seen as a conversation, an ongoing relationship built on mutual trust and care. It is critical to plan and prepare carefully the manner in which you engage with your clients in the following ways:

(1) Lead with value. Whether it’s a first meeting or 100th email you should always consider delivering value to your clients first and foremost. In this manner you cultivate trust, respect and position yourself as an expert with something to say.

(2) Be consistent. When communicating with clients whether by phone, social media, email, in person meetings or blog content, create a rhythm and be regular about it. Your clients will become accustomed to your regular contact and begin to expect it and welcome it. There’s nothing more unsettling than the business that only contacts you when they need your business.

(3) Ask questions. A key element of any client engagement is to ask questions and engage with comments and feedback in a warm and consistent manner. On social media, do not simply post announcements consistently but share polls, ask provocative questions and engage with follower questions.

(4) Relate to your clients. Everyone loves a story so tell yours. Share your experience of having similar problems and challenges. Share how you identified, addressed and finally overcame these challenges. When you relate to your clients through story telling you deepen your connection with them.

(5) Invite to action. Whenever you engage with clients always leave them with a call to action, an invitation to hear more or to follow up on things discussed. Challenge your clients to consider growth or to engage more deeply with your product or service.

5 ways to engage with your clients

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