Over the past few months I have grown my business from 1-2 low ticket clients per month to 4-6 high ticket clients per month, giving me a boost in income and sense of satisfaction that my business is helping people with a felt need.

Here is a list of 5 things that I have learned which have resulted in this significant boost in sales qualified leads and paying clients:

  1. Tighten your client avatar.

The clearer you are on the specific type of person or business that you help, the better all your marketing efforts, lead generation and sales conversations will be. The tighter your client avatar, the persona you seek to deeply understand and speak to, the more resonance your offer messaging and targeting will be.

While at first it can seem hard to exclude potential people or businesses from your offer, in fact speaking to a smaller more targeted group of people with a distinct and felt need, and making offers to solve quite specific problems, the better all your sales processes will be.

This has meant I could double my prices in 2021 and know that the people I speak to are willing to pay this price to see a specific solution. So while I’ve narrowed the pool of people I speak to, I know that these people are more likely to want what I have to offer and to pay for it.

2. Pre-qualify your leads

Anyone can generate conversations with leads and spend hours spinning their wheels with tyre kickers or people who are only curious and not yet ready to buy. By simply putting a few steps in place prior to a sales conversation you are able to prequalify your leads and either eliminate or de-prioritise some.

Requiring some ‘homework’ before a call, whether that is to watch a short video about your offer, or filling out a survey [or both] are good ways of ensuring that people who attend a call with you in fact fit your client avatar profile and indeed have a problem you can solve. The work that remains is to simply position your offer in a sales conversation in such a way that they cannot say no to working with you.

3. Sharpen your pitch

Making sure your offer is clear and speaks directly to your client avatars goals and objectives is critical for the sales conversation to flow smoothly. If your pitch entails details or elements that do not resonate with the prospect, the sales conversation can end in either a no or more elusive comments such as ‘I have to think about it.’

By examining your offer and making sure each pillar or element builds on the next and comprehensively addresses the pain points felt by your client avatar, you can ensure that sales conversations end with more YES answers than no.

4. Handle concerns

It’s common for sales conversations to rarely end in an immediate YES response. Being able to handle the concerns that arise in a sales conversation is often as important as the pre-work and pitch itself. If you have a prospect who has a distinct challenge that you can help with and if they have expressed agreement that what you offer could help them, everything after that is simply ‘concern handling’.

Being able to move your prospect through the concern cycles. Your job at this point is to help your target to solve their problem and find the best solution for them and often this means coming up with strategies to overcome potential blockers such as financial concerns, partner or business manager concerns, or simply fear of commitment to work with you.

5. Increase your sales call volume

This might sound like a no-brainer but many businesses simply do not generate enough sales calls or strategy sessions and make enough offers. Putting a system in place to reach out proactively to your client avatar with offers of value, to nurture new relationships and leads to the point of a sales conversation and then conducting sales calls on a regular basis, are all essential.

If you would like help with these 5 steps or filling your pipeline with qualified leads each month then I invite you to schedule a free call with me via this link.

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If you would like a short training on using LinkedIn Sales Navigator to build account lists then watch this short video.

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5 Ways To Increase Your Sales Qualified Leads [SQL]