Why do people network? Join golf clubs, members clubs, or exclusive alumni networks? 

Why do people publish books, win awards, and create blogs and podcasts? 

Why do people speak at conferences and run webinars and events? 

Because when selling B2B high-ticket services, 60% of the decision is made before a meeting. 

92% of B2B prospects are open to speaking to a thought leader about their challenges.

How do you beat out the big brands? 

  • Network 
  • Become a thought leader 
  • Create distinction and authority. 

LinkedIn is the 24/7 networking event, conference platform, and digital publishing company of your dreams.

Adding new leads daily, sharing valuable content weekly, and running regular events, webinars, and invitations to a conversation monthly, even the smallest consultancy can stack its calendar full of conversations.

If you would like help pre-selling your service to leads using the biggest networking platform for B2B decision-makers, comment below, and we can set up a time to chat.