If you do NOT have a predictable system in place to bring in new clients every month, then it is likely to be one or several of the following reasons.

First, it could be that you do not have a clear ideal client, whom you can help and how exactly.

This means you are likely pursuing all kinds of conversations with business owners of all types and picking up bits and pieces of business here and there.

The way you help people is different every time, you have different solutions and vastly different outcomes for clients.

It might seem easier to be a generalist who can help a range of clients with a range of problems and provide a range of solutions but in fact, this slows you down.

You end up taking on anyone who will pay you rather than clients who need your expertise solutions and are willing to pay a premium price for it.

Second, because of not being specific about who you help you do not have a clear message about how you help businesses and the results you create.

This means that when you reach out to new prospects it can take them a while to figure out how you can help them or whether they should refer you to someone else.

Most damaging, when doing cold outreach and networking, you do not have an offer of immediate value that you can put into people’s hands to attract their interest in you.

Third, your problem could be that you don’t have a clear channel to get your ideal client and so you are trying a bit of email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and more.

Maybe work comes to you by referrals and word of mouth, but you don’t have any control over the lead flow of this type of business.

When business arrives you don’t have a clear sense of how or why or what lever to pull to bring in more business.

Ultimately, you do not have a sense of how much energy to put into prospecting.

You do not know how to get the number of conversations to create the number of clients you need to generate the level of income you need.

You do not have an engine you can rev or an accelerator pedal you can press to get more clients.

You can’t systemize or streamline this because it’s so ad hoc.

You can’t delegate it or outsource it to teammates or VAs to free up your time to do other things and this chains you to the task of prospecting daily.

For B2B consultants, finding other business decision-makers via LinkedIn and email is the best and most predictable channel [Facebook is great too but for very specific types of businesses such as agency owners, Saas, blue-collar trades, brick and mortar companies, e-comm, and digital entrepreneurs].

If you’re looking for department heads, owners and founders, managing directors, c-suite, and other company lead then LinkedIn and email is by far the best channel for you.

Once you have isolated the specific type of business you can help and the specific challenge that they face and who the key decision-maker is, then you know who to speak to and what offer of value you can give them.

From here it’s simply a matter of building a machine to engage as many of these leads systematically as possible and with as much value as possible.

If you would like to be generating this predictable amount of lead flow and income for your business then send me an email to [email protected] or comment below and we can set up a conversation to discuss a strategy for you.

A Clear Predictable System For Getting Clients |  Jen Bishop consulting and lead generation agency london