It is a common belief that guarding business secrets and not giving information away for free is good business tactics.

However, if you are facing a low conversion rate for your sales conversations and lead prospecting, it is possible that a lack of clarity about what your services entail, how it will work for the client, what results you will create and in what time frame, is in fact holding you back.

Business Moves At The Speed of Trust

Radical transparency about what you do and how your offer works actually enhances your business conversations rather than detracts from them.

Free training, guides, taster sessions and case studies all educate your target prospect on how you work and in doing so inspires confidence in the value exchange [their money for your expertise].

Rather than holding a fear that by giving away knowledge you might inspire potential clients to believe they can solve their problems alone, in fact giving ample information in advance removes any confusion or obscurity around your offer and inspires trust in your expertise.

It comes down to the three reasons while people pay for consultants and service providers:

  1. Inability to get there on their own
  2. Desire to get there faster
  3. Desire to follow a proven system, map or advice from somebody who has done it

Showing what you do, how you solve problems and what results you create removes friction and opens up the conversation for a sale.

Clarity and confidence inspires trust. And business moves at the speed of trust.