Can You Target Someone Similar To You?

We often seek to eliminate prospects who do something similar to us

It’s likely they do not need what we have to offer

Or they are the competition.

Yet I’m learning that it is OTHER marketers who are often the best clients.

They might be doing SEO or paid ads.

Or they might be specialists at landing pages, funnels, PR, design and branding or even lead generation.

But they need to learn about LinkedIn and cold email outreach.

In SOME cases they do IDENTICAL things to me and want to learn my process.

At best someone similar to you might end up becoming a great client and getting great results

And then referring colleagues to your service if get great results and complement their service

At worst they learn all your ideas and become your competition.

But you know there are more than enough clients for everyone

And no one can ever be you or deliver results like you do.

Either way you can TOTALLY target people similar to you.

Can You Target Someone Similar To You?