We can charge more money if we create more value, right?

But what exactly is value?

Is it creating great bonus resources, tools, frameworks, and guides?

Is it giving that extra time or going the extra mile?

Is it providing freebies, discounts, or specials?

Is it being super personable, and interested in your clients as though they are family?

Is it simply branding yourself so that you ‘appear’ to be exclusive or of high value?

Here is a great illustration of what VALUE means in business. 

The grocer might think that providing value is stuffing your grocery bag with extra produce.

However, a GREAT business will know deeply what you need, and solve a painful problem.

They will chop, wash, dress, and package a salad because they know you are a busy professional and need a healthy lunch on the run.

The raw ingredients cost a few dollars. 

The finished salad can cost $8 or even more. 

This ‘solution’ is now worth 400% more than the raw ingredients.

Simply adding more raw ingredients does not necessarily deliver massive value.

Solving painful problems creates value.

Do it efficiently, create great results, and charge more.