There are several key steps required to use LinkedIn effectively and efficiently to fill up your pipeline with conversations and proposals:

Check the video of these steps on YouTube here.

Step One: Optimise our profile so that within 60 seconds people can quickly assess our relevance and authority worth connecting with and engaging in a conversation.

Step Two: Target the right people so are filling our network with quality leads who are ready to buy

Step Three: Craft the right outreach message to connect with and welcome new leads so that we can secure the first conversation of a relationship that can turn into new business.

Note – this does NOT entail cold pitching.

Step Four: Share the right content on LinkedIn to raise our authority, relevancy, and distinctiveness to our network and improve awareness and trust.

Step Five: Make direct offers of value up front in such a way that the barrier to entry is low [it’s free] but the prospect receives immediate help solving a painful problem. This opens the door for a deeper conversation about how your services can solve the problem for the company.

I have filmed a 20 min training on exactly how you can follow these steps to fill up your pipeline with new business every month.

Check out the video training here on YouTube.

Filling Up Your New Business Pipeline With Leads Using LinkedIn Jen Bishop consulting best lead generation agency