I know a consultant who charges $9k for one month to help  people articulate their offers.

That’s 4 x 1hr meetings plus some homework for the client costing $9,000 USD.

I know consultants who charge $100k to build a business funnel including landing pages, a video sales letter, and web copy.

We are not talking about a,, team of developers and a complicated web application. 

This is simply the messaging around an offer presented in beautiful video and landing page format.

Why does offer-messaging alone attract such fees?

Because EVERYTHING about the success of,, lead generation, marketing, sales qualification, sales closing, and ultimately revenue hangs on the clarity and power of an offer.

What is an example of a rights offering?

A clearly articulated offer, will determine the following:

  1. Who you reach out to [the more specific you are, the better].
  2. Who you exclude and omit from your outreach
  3. What their defined starting point is and what other criteria makes them uniquely qualified to get the best results with your intervention
  4. What results you get for this certain client,
  5. What sequence of actions creates these results
  6. How your unique solution can help them achieve their goals
  7. How you are different from other offers in the market

While simple enough, in theory, nailing your offer message is not an EASY process.

It requires excluding a bunch of potential clients and a bunch of ,,great services.

It requires testing your assumptions and iterating your offer in multiple stages to get to the point where you’re consistently getting the outstanding results you promise

It requires you to know exactly what you’re uniquely good at doing and focusing on that

It requires knowing exactly what channel you reach your ideal audience on and reaching them regularly

It requires you to capture that value clearly in text and video and sequence it so that your prospect is led by the hand to the point of decision.

The magic of sales and the magic of a great offer comes down to this clarity.

And THIS Is worth thousands, even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do you have a clear offer Right?

Getting The Offer Right: Expert Tips for Success in 2024 | Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK