As experts we have many things to share and often we do not know where to start.

When we introduce ourselves, are we our job title? [and which job title do we choose?] Or do we summarize our CV – education and career highlights?

Do we dive in and start outlining our unique insights and knowledge? How technical do we get about our knowledge and solutions?

If we do talk about an area or topic of interest that is consuming our attention right now, wouldn’t that pigeon-hole us unfairly?

Most of all, it’s awful to become the person online constantly spruiking our speakership antics, our awards, our publications. BORING!!

Having confidence to first know how to share and then how to leverage our story to engage new prospects and business opportunities is critical to every expert and consultant.

Yet how can we do it simply, efficiently and powerfully?

The power of our story lies in the power of our TRANSFORMATION experience [and the transformation experience of the people around us].

If we as experts, have struggled and overcome challenges, to solve difficult problems in business and life and have learned valuable lessons that we can impart to others – this story is of value.

If we have, over the years, gathered a toolkit of expertise that can save others time, energy, heartache and pain and can do so efficiently and repeatedly then this story is of value.

However there is ONE BIG SECRET to leveraging your story powerfully and it’s this:

You are not the hero of your story. Your AUDIENCE is the hero of the story and you are the mentor.

What does this mean?

First, when we introduce ourselves to others, we can introduce ourselves as someone who has overcome a challenge and solved a specific problem.

In doing so we can share that we are someone who can help a specific person [the HERO] to also solve this problem.

Second, when we share our expertise we are doing so in terms of outlining the map we have created for the HERO to follow and the kit or equipment the hero needs to navigate the journey.

Third, when we teach or share our thought leadership and the secrets we have learned along the way, every piece of knowledge or information is designed to help our HERO, the target audience, to better navigate the MAP and to achieve the desired outcome in the smoothest time and manner possible.

We are constantly inviting our target audience to come on the journey with us as their mentor and guide.

Powerfully leveraging your story, [which is in fact your prospects story], will effectively connect with, engage, retain and deepen relationships with our ideal client.

Our insights and thought leadership compound to build our profile as expert, mentor and guide and attract the right clients to invest in working with us, so they too can find the desired solution.

If you would like help to more confidently leverage your story and attract more of the right clients with ease, then comment below and we can set up a short chat.

Having Confidence To Leverage Your Story |  Jen Bishop Consulting best lead generation agency in London UK