Olivia Asiedu-Ntow is COO and co-founder of ScaleUp Africa which develops women-led SMEs across the African continent with a focus on enabling youth employment.

A big part of what they do is in partnership with other companies and international corporates in order to develop the ecosystem around small businesses and facilitate their growth.

This entails facilitating access to capital, becoming part of supply chains, as well as providing the training and mentoring required to support these small businesses to grow.

We reviewed their positioning and offer messaging when partnering with corporates and funders by focusing on the benefits to them [not just in terms of doing good and feeling good].

We focused on an impact-based value proposition positioning ScaleUp Africa experts that serve all stakeholders.

This in turn opened conversations in a whole new way and led to several significant contracts in the pipeline.

You can check out the full testimonial video via the link below.

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