If you are an expert in your field – doing your own lead generation is a grind !!

Being 40% expert and 60% marketeer of your own services is well – a pain in the proverbial.

On one hand we DESIRE to deliver expert services

But on the other, face the NECESSITY of being tied to lead generation.

We have to constantly market, sell and fill up the pipeline with leads to keep the business going.

How do you spend 8 hrs a day consulting and helping clients and then also

  • manage an overflowing inbox,
  • create content,
  • Follow up leads
  • design and set up new campaigns
  • learn new and innovative methods to stay relevant

It very quickly gets out of hand !!

I love lead generation – but most people do not.

They hate it, but it’s the most important thing they NEED to do.

It’s the lifeblood of business and the wind in our sails.

How can this process be streamlined without totally outsourcing to an agency which charges monthly fees?

The solution that I have found is to train and install a VA to do much of the prospecting, messaging, responding and data collecting for you the client.

The design strategy is what takes time

The rest of it is fairly repetitious, time-consuming, and manual.

OF COURSE, there are many automation tools that take much of the manual process out of lead generation

However, a human still needs to reply to messages, book qualified leads, and follow up with interested prospects.

There are no bots yet that can perfect all of these steps.

A VA can cost anywhere from $2.50 / hr and up and can be trained to handle repeated and predictable processes and follow scripts.

A more qualified VA can handle complex conversations on your behalf and book appointments.

This frees you up to focus on client delivery and being the CEO of your own company.

I have perfected a solution in which we not only DESIGN a LinkedIn and email outreach strategy for your company, but ALSO hire, train and install a VA to handle the manual elements of the campaign for you.

You only pay for the design phase and then the cost of the VA ongoing which is anywhere from $400 up.

I’m sure you can see this is more sustainable than $1000 +/ month for an agency.

If you are looking to find a sustainable solution for your own lead generation then my three month workshop might help you.

Together we work on:

  • Nailing your value proposition and your offer message
  • Profiling your ideal client and decision maker across LinkedIn and email
  • Design and launch outbound multi channel campaigns across LinkedIn and email
  • Automate and systemise this process with a few key tools
  • Hire, train and install a VA to handle the manual research, prospecting, replies and appointment bookings required

This process works best for B2B consultants who have already a proven offer worth $5k, $10k or $100k and higher and have paying clients who get great results.

Typically you get clients via word of mouth or referral and have no predictable system in place to fill up your pipeline or get new leads.

OR you get clients via SEO, paid ads or content marketing but have no cold outreach methods in place that are working.

Often you have tried LinkedIn or cold email outreach and it has not worked or you have not been able to systemise or automate this process efficiently.

If this describes you then send me a message for more information and we can get on a short call and discover my 3 month process will be helpful for you.

I look forward to chatting to you.

How To Consult AND Do Your Own Lead Generation